How Axis began:

Axis started as dream. It was too big to call it anything else. Em and Rod certainly hadn’t seen anything like it before. Many places had done a few similar things, sure! But all of it under the one roof? Surely they were dreaming.

A popular local gym had a small amount of space available which would have suited a small sports recovery set up. They had bigger ideas and dreams but it seemed like a good place to start. The week that they began measuring up, a larger and separate space became available across the road. It was their dream location. It was so close to home and where they had already planned to open. It seemed too good to be true. Em told Rod it was too big and put the squash on it quickly, only to reflect on it later in the day, call the real estate agent and book a tour the following day.As they wandered around the space together along with Em’s Dad, Pete the builder, the 3 of them started imagining the treatment rooms, the reception area, the Performance Zone, the ice baths… It was the perfect amount of space for the vision.

One night, over fish and chips at Pete’s place, they started drawing their ideas on the fish and chip paper. The plans that they drew on that night went on to become the exact layout that you see today.

With a dream and their fish and chip plans, they spent 18 months turning the old party food shop into Axis Performance.

Rod juggled lecturing at RMIT, treating patients at the Epworth and Monash with 2 young kids at home while Em & Pete designed and oversaw the extremely long and delayed build that ended up becoming the defining Axis journey. Many of the services that visitors know and love today would not have been possible without those 18 months of further research and additional planning.Em and Rod risked everything in the process, selling their family home and giving everything they had to make this dream a reality. After endless blood, sweat and tears they still sit back full of pride and gratitude for the team that have joined them along the way and the facility that Axis has become and continues to evolve into.