We help athletes become more athletic; stronger, faster, and fitter whilst avoiding injury and remaining mobile, to reach peak performance.

We understand that every body is different, goals are different and skill sets are different, but our objective is always the same – how can we help you perform better?

We aim to obtain the greatest enhancements in performance and athletic development byencompassing strength, speed, agility, power, stability, injury prevention and flexibility in conjunction with load monitoring, intensity, and frequency.


To perform at your peak, you must also train at your best; time and time again. This is why recovery is an integral part of an athletes training program. 

The faster and more effective the recovery, the better your body feels sooner, and the better prepared it will be to get back into training again at maximal effort.

We deliver individualised recovery protocols every time you walk through our doors to ensure you’re recovering the right way.



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Axis Performance
🏀Shoutout to ADP athlete @zacmcmenamin 🏀⁣

✅ Called up to train with 1’s⁣
✅ First practise match⁣
✅ 8 points in 27 minutes⁣
✅ First in-game dunk!⁣
⁉️Under 21’s try outs October⁣

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Axis Performance
🌟HOW TO Build back to Deadlifts when you have lower back pain🌟⁣⁣
By Coach Robbie⁣⁣
😖Do you suffer with lower back pain?⁣⁣
It doesn't need to stop you from training. ⁣⁣
👨‍🎓You just need to ensure that you have the professional guidance of a well qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and/or Exercise Scientist. ⁣⁣
👩‍⚕️If it is a chronic condition, see an Exercise Physiologist. Ask your suitable professional to consider adding these movements to your program.⁣⁣
The Exercises demonstrated in this video are further explained below:⁣⁣
1️⃣Resisted 3-point Hinge⁣⁣
👉Use a dowel or broom stick to maintain 3 points of contact.⁣⁣
👉Place a band around the hips and anchor it to rack or sturdy object to guide the hips to shift posteriorly.⁣⁣
👉The band will assist coercing the body into a hip hinge instead of just trunk flexion whilst maintaining a neutral spine.⁣⁣
2️⃣Seated Deadlift⁣⁣
👉Set up a bench or box that allows you to get into the optimal bottom position of the lift for you.⁣⁣
👉Position your trunk so your armpits are in line with the bar, simultaneously pull into the bar to take out the slack and create tension in the trunk whilst pressing your hips down into the bench.⁣⁣
💡This exercise teaches trunk tension, starting position weight distribution and coordination, cueing the individual to control their centre of mass during the lift and promote leg drive.⁣⁣
3️⃣Kettlebell Deadlift⁣⁣
👉Set the kettlebell so the handle sits halfway between the heel and toes (midfoot).⁣⁣
👉Because the kettlebell can sit between the feet directly beneath the centre of mass it is easier to coordinate movement during the deadlift reducing potential stress of the traditional anterior weight bearing movement of a barbell. ⁣⁣
💡This can slowly be moved forward as movement competency and tolerance of anterior weight bearing improves.⁣⁣
💡It also cues the individual to evenly distribute weight through the feet and discourage anterior or posterior weight shift.⁣

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