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Bulk Recovery passes to any of our state of the art recovery facilities!

10 sessions - $149.00

20 sessions - $279.00

30 sessions - $389.00


Normatec Recovery systems are designed to help athletes train harder and recover faster. Using dynamic compression, fluid and metabolites are transported out of the limbs to relieve sore, tired and aching muscles.

Wet Zone

Our Wet Zone has been designed to replicate a number of elite sporting clubs and stadiums nationwide and includes the best commercial equipment on the market. It includes a sports spa and deep ice baths for the ultimate contrast bathing experience.

Infrared Sauna

The recovery benefits of an infrared sauna include muscle pain relief, improved circulatory function and may also assist with sleep quality.

Performance Assessment

An Exercise Scientist will conduct a comprehensive movement dysfunction, gym readiness and athletic performance analysis aimed at determining your athletic profile.

This assessment is a pre requisite for entry into the Athlete Development Program and can also be used as a separate tool for individuals looking for insight into their own performance.

ADP (Athletic Development Program)

Are you ready to take your Performance to the next level? This is the program that turns weaknesses into strengths. We ensure that your athletic foundation is rock solid to nurture growth and improvements in your sport while increasing speed, agility, power, resilience and preventing injury.

Athletes complete their individualised programs under the supervision of their coach in a group environment of likeminded athletes.

High Performance Program

The High Performance Program has been designed to get YOU fitter, faster, stronger and leaner with 45 minute Strength & Conditioning based classes. Whether you are looking at preparing for a big season in your sport or looking for the best way to stay strong and healthy - The High Performance Program is for You!

Junior High Performance Program

Learn the FUNdamentals of athletic development and be prepared for everything adolescent sport throws your way. Learn the foundations of Athletic Performance and how to decrease risk of injury while increasing strength, running technique, speed, agility, jump and power. Crucial components required to be successful across all sports.

Private Coaching

If Private Coaching is more your style, we've got that too! Our Team of Exercise Science qualified strength and conditioning coaches have what it takes to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. If our Group session times don't suit you, book a private session with a Coach at a time that suits you!

Return to Perform Rehab Assessment

You're injured again and you've been sidelined. What next? In order to return to doing what you love sooner AND stronger, we ensure that you dominate your transition back to sport.
Our Team of Coaches and rehabilitation specialists work together to minimise your time out of the game while ensuring that you are fully prepared and ready for your big return.

Combine & Testing events

Does your club or organisation want to see if your athletes are ready for game day?

Contact Us Today To Organise a Team Combine or Testing Session

Sports Injury Clinic Assessment

Our Physiotherapist will do 3 things: 1. Assess you 2. Provide a diagnosis 3. Give you an action plan. You may require rest, exercises, some recovery or a rehab program. Whatever you need, we have you covered.


You will be comprehensively assessed, diagnosed, treated and provided with your recovery plan.
Movement and activity are key components in injury recovery and through evidence based practice you will experience rehabilitation progression that will make you wish you found us sooner.

Exercise Physiology

Your EP will skillfully educate, support and motivate you to feel better, move better and perform better.

Dietetics Consultation

Eat well. Feel Good. Perform Better. Our Sports Dietitian Jade supports active individuals in maximising their performance through best nutrition practises and an emphasis on these being realistic for the athlete to achieve.

Concussion Clinic Assessment

Be Head Smart. A Comprehensive Physical and vestibular assessment by Our Qualified Exercise Allied Health Team to ensure you return to sport in a safe way.