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Compression Lounge

Normatec Recovery systems are designed to help athletes train harder and recover faster. Using dynamic compression, fluid and metabolites are transported out of the limbs to relieve sore, tired and aching muscles.


Wet Zone

Our Wet Zone has been designed to replicate a number of elite sporting clubs and stadiums nationwide and includes the best commercial equipment on the market.
Our Wet Zone consists of ice bathing pools and a therapeutic sports spa that can be used separately or in an alternating manner to aid in muscle recovery and relieve fatigue. Upon arrival we assess your needs based on previous activity, soreness level and mood to ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate and tailored protocol for your recovery. Contrast bathing is the gold standard of sports recovery.


Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is a unique tool as it can aid in both facilitating recovery as well as improving athletic performance. The recovery benefits of an infrared sauna include muscle pain relief, improved circulatory function and may also assist with sleep quality. Infrared sauna performance benefits include increased endurance and improved tolerance to an increase in training intensity.

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