The Athlete Development Program is our premium, all inclusive program designed to give Athletes the complete Elite Sport experience and advantage above the competition.


ADP Athletes receive:

  • A rich onboarding program that includes an introduction to elite sport framework where our Sport Scientist takes you through your Initial Performance testing, goal setting, onboarding and mental skills program before developing your program.
  • An Athlete planner to keep to keep you and your goals on track.
  • 2-3 Weekly ADP sessions with a highly skilled Performance Coach that develops your program based on your individual circumstances, your sport, your goals and your sporting season.
  • Daily Sports science Monitoring to ensure your training load and life balance is well managed.
  • Weekly sports science reports.
  • Quarterly Performance testing.
  • Highly detailed quarterly performance reporting to ensure that you reach your goals and continue to grow as an Athlete.
  • FREE Unlimited access to Recovery.
  • FREE quarterly Physiotherapy assessments.
  • FREE initial consultation with a Dietitian.




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