Meet our member of the month, Paul Morrissey!

Paul has been a member of Axis performance initially in our rehab group rehabbing his torn calf and has then transitioned into our Athletic Development program to enhance his physical performance specific to basketball refereeing. Paul is a very committed member of Axis and always strives to be the best version of himself. Never missing a session of ADP and always giving 100% in everything that he does. Well done Paul!

Axis: What benefits do you get from Axis performance?

Paul: Training specific to me and my goals surrounding reffing and basketball. Always willing to accommodate with little niggles with my calf and to not over work it.

Axis: How would you describe the environment within our performance zone?

Paul: Always full of energy. Love working with Jake and being surrounded by other basketballers, and also people from different sporting backgrounds. There’s always nice banter about the place!

Axis: What results have you seen since being an Axis member?

Paul: Feeling stronger, less back pain and more confidence with my calf after tearing it.

Axis:What do you like most about Axis’ Athletic Development Program?

Paul: Specific to what I want to get out of it and to my basketball reffing and playing.

Axis: Would you recommend Axis’ recovery and high-performance training/coaching to others? Why?

Paul: 100%! Really friendly and inviting feeling whenever you walk through the front door. Anything that is done is always specific to what you want to get from Axis.