Meet our Member of the Month – David Cruickshank


David has been a member of Axis performance since June and has really used his recovery membership to its full potential. David is a basketball Victoria referee and was recently nominated to referee the U14 boy’s national championship in October! He is also a CrossFit legend, competing in anything that enables him to reach different goals and going above and beyond for his own fitness.

David comes in to Axis for his recovery nearly every day and uses all of our facilities to enhance his busy training regime. 

We asked David a few questions and these are his responses:

Axis: What benefits do you get from Axis performance?

David: Since being a member at axis I’ve noticed that I’ve seen massive results in how quickly I can recover from general soreness after training as well as any major niggles I might have. Axis has also helped heaps with injury prevention and even preventing any soreness at all after things like my marathon row.

Axis: What is your favourite recovery zone and why?

David: I can’t say I have 1 favourite zone at Axis, I find that I love every zone and every piece of equipment, however I do have a favourite combination which is starting with the wet zone and going into the sauna after, this is due to the fact that these 2 zones combined give a great mix of repairing your muscles as well has the added benefit of helping to build more muscle and there’s nothing better than going from freezing cold to relaxed and warm in the sauna 👌🏼


Axis: What makes axis different to other recovery and high-performance centres?

David: I can’t say that I’ve used any other recovery centres except for a sensory deprivation centre, the difference between the 2 for me would be that axis has a greater range of state-of-the-art equipment and amazing staff who are always there to help you with your recovery process.


Axis: If you could give one piece of advice about recovery what would it be?

David:For me, I would say listen to your body! If you’re sore then get on top of it straight away, don’t wait until it becomes a serious problem and you’re out of action for weeks. Whenever I start to feel sore or worried I might start to get injured I’ll get straight into axis and let them know so we can work on getting it to 100% before it puts me on the couch for a week.


Axis: What results have you seen since being an Axis member?

David:I have definitely noticed that I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve been recovering a lot faster after big training sessions, this has allowed me to go harder in every session and not have to worry about holding back because I’m sore or tight.


Axis: Would you recommend Axis’ recovery and high-performance training/coaching to others? Why?

David: 110% recommend Axis as a point of recovery, the staff are full of knowledge, not only to do with your physical recovery but they also know a lot about diets and nutrition. They have a great range of staff specializing in different areas which allows you to get the best advice for your personal goals. All this combined with the state-of-the-art equipment will definitely help to give you the edge that you may need to take that next step as an athlete or just with your general physical health.