Do you suffer from sore, achy muscles? Back pain? Restless sleep?

Or are you injured? Sore from training? Looking to put on muscle?


For centuries the sauna has been known for its health and relaxation benefits, but did you know it also has amazing benefits to enhance training and performance in athletes?


When the body is heated, blood vessels dilate, heart rate increases and blood flow increases. More blood carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients reaches the muscles and tissues making the sauna an ideal recovery method for sore, tight, aching and tired muscles.

For an athlete who is looking to perform better and recover faster, Infrared Sauna sessions also have many benefits. From increasing flexibility through heat, aiding muscle growth and fat loss, regular sauna use has also been linked to a greater physical performance and increased endurance as well as improved tolerance to an increase in anaerobic exercise.


Why Infrared?

An Infrared Sauna is different to a Dry Sauna (think hot rocks) in that it uses infrared light waves that directly penetrate the body and raise the core body temperature via the increased heat in the muscles. Infrared waves do not raise the atmospheric temperate, as in a Dry Sauna.

A Dry Sauna works by heating the air, which heats your skin causing you to sweat, and then further time spent in the sauna the heat reaches muscle and tissue and warms your core temperature. Therefore, an Infrared Sauna works to the muscles far more efficiently and effectively compared to a Dry Sauna.


Infrared Sauna for Athletes:

Although sauna should never be a replacement for cardiovascular training, it is proven to be effective in maintaining fitness in the short term for those that are injured and have limited athletic mobility.

When the body warms, blood vessels dilate and there is an increase in red blood cells which results in more capacity for oxygen transportation. When there is more blood volume, this improves the blood flow to the heart. Subsequently when the ejection fraction of the left ventricle of the heart chamber increases, the total amount of blood pumped to the organs rises. Therefore, the body is conditioned to bringing oxygen to the muscles faster. For the short term, this can help an athlete train their heart without physical strain on the rest of the athlete’s body, which is very helpful when injury prevents their normal training efforts.


Improved blood flow and circulation not only delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles faster, but also helps to remove metabolic waste faster. Stretching when your body is warm has been shown to be the safest and most effective time to stretch and lengthen tight muscles to improve range of movement.


Hyper-thermic conditions (raising the bodies core temperature) has also shown to trigger the secretion of growth hormone (HGH). Growth hormone stimulates the production of muscle tissue and also aids in breaking down fat cells. Visiting a sauna regularly can therefore aid in not only fat loss but also muscle gain.


Infrared Sauna for Pain Management and Health:

Using the sauna has also been shown to reduce cortisol and produce endorphins reducing the feeling of anxiety, frustration and tension. The heat from the sauna has also been shown to produce beta-endorphins which are natural pain-relieving compounds. Studies on people with conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis have reported less pain with regular sauna use. With less stress and pain, comes better sleep quality and quantity.




✓ Relax tired, sore and achy muscles.

✓ Increased circulation to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the body.

✓ Aids in removing metabolic waste (reducing DOMS).

✓ Maintain short term fitness when injured.

✓ Aids in increasing growth hormone secretion for muscle gain and fat loss (post- training).

✓ Improved flexibility and range of movement.

✓ Psychological benefits of relaxation, eg decrease stress, improved sleep.

✓ Half the perceived atmospheric heat as a Dry Sauna


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