Compression lounge
• Photo ID
• Headphones if using personal devices for entertainment (or silent mode only).
• Socks
• Drink bottle recommended
• Appropriate and clean shoes to be removed if using lower body attachments.

Wet Zone
• Photo ID
• Thongs
• A non glass Drink bottle or purchase a drink prior to entry
• All other items must be in a locker (including phone and keys)
• Bare feet are not to be worn anywhere within the facility, the only exception being between bathing pools/spas.

Far Infrared Sauna
• Photo ID
• Thongs
• Bathers
• Full towel (must completely cover the bench where seated)
• A non glass Drink Bottle or purchase prior to entry
• Personal Devices are not recommended however may be used on silent at own risk

Performance Zone
• Photo ID
• Sweat towel
• A drink bottle or purchase a drink prior to entry
• Training singlet or T-shirt
• Training shoes

Always arrive 15 minute prior to your appointment start time. At your first visit, we have some paperwork for you to complete prior to your appointment. For all other visits, we may require set up time or time for you to get changed etc. In order to not miss any treatment time, arrive 15 minutes prior, every time.

Yes. During all recovery treatments, our supervising team are qualified to determine the most appropriate treatment for you or seek the advice of an in house clinician if required. If in doubt, book  a compression treatment and discuss the best options with your supervising team member before you get started.

If in doubt, book  a compression treatment and discuss the best options with your supervising team member before you get started. To be safe, bring essential items for each recovery zone, as an Exercise scientist may recommend you change services after discussing the most appropriate treatment for you.

We are unable to check any visitor in without Photo ID. We have personal and medical information on file and it is imperative that we keep that information secure. Treatment recommendations are also based on the information that visitors have provided and notes are always updated and kept on file.

If you forget a water or socks, we have them available for purchase.

If you forget a towel or thongs, we have them available for hire.

You can book our recovery services online. Alternatively you can drop in or call us on 0401 50 AXIS! For recovery services and sports injury clinic bookings, we require payment upon booking and this may include a moto payment over the phone at the time of booking.

For all other services, you can book via reception or call us!

You can call us on 0401 50 AXIS or email us via info@axisperformance.com.au to enquire.

We require pre payment in order to secure a booking so it is best for groups to either pick a mutually suitable time and book and pay separately or alternatively, allocate one person to make the booking, and each person pay them directly to make the pre payment in one transaction. 

We require full names, email addresses and phone numbers of individuals in order to input the booking in our system, so please have them ready.

The short answer is yes. We do have a number of additional safety measures in place for children between the ages of 12-16 and 16-18. Please call 0401 50 AXIS to clarify the terms of booking depending on your age.

Our members have access to 12 recovery bookings per week that they are able to adjust/select based on their individual needs. Members also have priority of booking times as well as access to members only pricing for our allied health services.

We have over a dozen different services and variable combinations within our different departments. We have athletic development services, recovery services and allied health services.  To enquire about our prices its best to visit us or give us a call regarding a specific service, on 0401 50 AXIS.