– Does your elbow hurt to hold things in your hand?

– Cant quite grip without pain radiating through your arm?

– Do you skip arm day at the gym due to pain?

These are typical signs of Tennis Elbow, an overuse injury that effects the elbow tendons, that can create a painful havoc in a persons day to day life. Tennis Elbow is very common, and it can be treated!


Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis is a painful condition that affects the lateral or outside portion of the elbow/forearm. 

Tennis Elbow is typically caused due to overuse or excessive irritation of the lateral forearm muscles. Tendons typically like to be “loaded” and used and often rest can aid in pain relief however does not effective resolve the underlying factors that cause Tennis Elbow.

Identifying the cause, the pathology is extremely important to effectively treating this painful condition.

  • Poor shoulder movement or mobility? (Pain or weakness to push weight above the head)
  • Overuse in the pronated elbow position? (Do you pick up and put things down often at work, or home ie carpenter, parent picking up kids, factory worker, removalist) 
  • Poor elbow mechanics in occupational or recreational tasks? (Lifting with incorrect technique, lifting heavy without sufficient rest, lots of computer or desk work)

Treatment must involve identifying and rectifying any underlying biomechanics or strength deficits, as well as aiding pain relief to allow the individual to resume their desired tasks as soon as possible.


At Axis Performance we use a combination of isometric exercises and blood flow restriction to immediately improve function and pain during the assessment. The combination of an isometric contraction and increased blood flow allows for the strength gains without increasing pain. We then go on to individually prescribe exercises and movements that will strengthen the areas of weakness to prevent the tennis elbow condition from re-occurring.

If you have tennis elbow we would love to help you return to a pain free you!